Learning Portfolio 4 – Credibility

Learning Portfolio Item 1 (Critical Reading & Writing)

Question 1

Out of the millions of websites that are available on the internet it can sometimes be difficult to decipher which ones are trustworthy and credible. Trust is a large factory when determining what is credible. When it comes to credibility researchers have found that people evaluate trustworthiness and expertise and then combine them to develop an overall assessment of credibility (Fogg, 2003). When a website conveys both qualities,the user will find it credible. When a website lacks either trustworthiness or expertise, credibility will suffer. Because the internet is so easily accessible nearly anyone can create a website and because of this a website’s credibility can sometimes be difficult to determine.

After reading this it would be fair to say that the most credible sources would be those that are both trustworthy and have a high level of expertise.

To ascertain if a website is credible or not, further research must be conducted within that website. For example, research the credentials of the article to see if the article you are reading is credible or not. There are some websites out there that are created with the intent of committing fraudulent acts.


Question 2

Wikipedia is not a reliable because its information is not always guaranteed to be from a reliable source. Wikipedia is similar to an online encyclopaedia, it allows any user to edit or create an entry about any topic. Users that submit content or edit articles are not 100% guaranteed to be an accurate or credible source. There are some users that are known to vandalise the site and post biased opinions. Some users also post what they think is factual information, with the intent of contributing but sometimes they their information can be wrong.

A corporation could edit a profile to make themselves look better, therefore publishing a biased and possibly untrue article. Wikipedia can be a useful source to get small, basic information on a certain topic. Wikipedia can be used as a starting point, but it shouldn’t really be used as a credible source to gain important information from. And it’s because of all these reasons that it’s too unreliable trust with academic learning and referencing.


Question 3 

As it was shown in this week’s reading (Fogg, 2003), the internet has grown drastically between the years 1999 and 2002. As more people welcomed the internet into their lives more people started to use it for scams. With the ever expanding growth of the internet more and more users are becoming warier of the internet and the sites they visit and their credibility. It can be difficult to determine which sites are trustworthy in today’s technical society.

People should be wary of .org website because of:

  • People have become hesitant to use credit cards online as the internet has evolved there have been countless scams that have made people feel unsafe declaring their credit card information.
  • Users now feel more secure when sites have visual proof of being a physical reliable company. In today’s day and age as more and more companies are based online people are sceptical as to if they are legitimate or not.




Reputed Credibility

Westac Online Banking

The Westpac Online Banking website has reputed credibility because it is one of Australia first banks as well as having good reputation nationwide.  It deals with online banking and transfers, because it is dealing with such sensitive content you need a website to be secured. Normally if there is a little padlock in the URL bar it is a trustworthy site and it’s safe to enter your personal information.


Presumed Credibility



Central Tafe website has presumed credibility because of the .edu address. Websites of education institutes are presumed credible by users because they appear to be trustworthy and are needed to be trustworthy also.


Earned Credibility


Hoyts website has earned credibility because it looks enticing and it’s professionally designed.  It is a trusted cinema in Australia and has earned its reputation. The site is relatively easy to navigate and it is updated daily. The content is unbiased and provides information on screening times.


Surface Credibility


Ninemsn has surface credibility it appears like a trustworthy news site. It always has current affairs news, but it doesn’t always go in depth on the important stories. But it also focusses heavily on celebrity gossip and reality TV stars and television.




Fogg, B. J., Marshall, J., Laraki, O., Osipovich, A., Varma, C., Fang, N., . . . Treinen, M. (2001). What makes web sites credible? A report on a large quantitative study. Stanford, CA: Stanford University, Persuasive Technology Lab


Fogg, B.J. (2003). Credibility and the World Wide Web. In Persuasive Technology: Using computers to Change What We Think and Do. (pg. 122). Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.








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